Automotive oil pressure sensor

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More application areas

Fire residual pressure system


The application of intelligent core sensing micro-differential pressure sensor in the residual pressure detector, in the residual pressure monitoring system and fire linkage, plays a key role in fire evacuation, emergency escape, and has been put into use in actual engineering cases.

Industrial pressure sensor


Smartcore sensing MEMS pressure sensor products have excellent performance and are suitable for multiple application scenarios in industrial fields.

Ventilator pressure sensor


As a key component of the ventilator air path system, the pressure sensor directly affects the reliability of the ventilator.

Oxygen generator pressure sensor


Oxygen generator pressure sensor, by measuring the adsorption tower pressure in the oxygen generator, auxiliary oxygen generator automatically control oxygen concentration.

Digital balloon booster device


Smartcore Sensor provides a complete set of solutions including digital balloon pressure sensors, circuits and digital display meters.

Digital atmospheric pressure sensor


Atmospheric pressure sensors are mostly used in consumer electronics to measure altitude by monitoring atmospheric pressure.